Winners and Losers

When government adjusted the budget, which ministries gained and lost?

Namibia & the Global Competitiveness Rankings

The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018 – an annual assessment of the factors driving productivity and prosperity in 137 countries – was released on September 27 2017. Namibia has fallen by six places on the rankings for 2017-18 – down to 90th from 84th in 2016-17. Namibia’s score was also down – 3.99 […]

Week in Review: September 12-15

The National Assembly is back! But of course, things tend to start slowly after recess and so there is not much to report for this week. One particularly newsworthy thing did happen: after months of deliberation, the National Assembly finally sent the Time Bill off to the President. Once he signs it and gazettes it, […]

Working with the Women’s Caucus

As part of the IPPR’s Democracy Report project we’re doing a bunch of workshops with MPs focusing specifically on gender issues. We had the first of our four workshops on June 27 2017, which was focused on creating a strong Women’s Caucus. A caucus is a group of Parliamentarians who come together based on particular […]