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18 Jun 2019

Access to information on government procurement activities remains largely non-transparent despite repeated claims that the new public procurement mechanisms are meant to enhance accountability and transparency.

17 Jun 2019

The latest issue of the Procurement Tracker, an quarterly initiative launched in 2018 by the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) to monitor and track developments and issues within the …

17 Jun 2019

“It seems clear that Namibia already has formidable and sophisticated communications surveillance capabilities,” states a research paper released yesterday by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), titled ‘Spying on …

27 Feb 2017

Our concerns about the Whistleblower Bill were picked up by The Villager. Full article here.

27 Feb 2017

This article surveys progress made on Vision2030, citing several experts in the process of comparing the goals set with the progress achieved so far. The Villager cites IPPR director, Graham …

23 Feb 2017

The IPPR’s comment on the Whistleblower Protection Bill was picked up by the Namibian Sun, who provide a summary of the key point made. Please note that as of writing, …

16 Feb 2017

The Namibian Sun reports on our latest briefing on the land bill (full report here). Please note that as of writing, reading articles in the Sun requires registering with their …

26 Jan 2017

The Namibian reports on the new CPI rankings, and quotes IPPR director Graham Hopwood: It does seem that to become the least corrupt country in Africa by 2020 as per …

12 Dec 2016

THE non-transparent manner in awarding mining licences and the failure to explain changes of ownership contribute to corruption in Namibia.

12 Dec 2016

The Republikein reports on the Transparent Oil website.    

9 Dec 2016

This report from the Namibia Economist  includes some details on the process in creating our Transparent Oil website , and discusses how it was replicated in other countries in Africa.

30 Nov 2016

The Allgemeine Zeitung summarises our report on Namibia’s compliance with the UN Convention Against Corruption (read the report here).