Inside Politics Podcast

The IPPR’s Inside Politics Podcast is a regular look at what’s happening on the Namibian political landscape. What’s the story behind the story and what future scenarios are likely to play out? Listen to the Inside Politics Podcast to find out.

6 Aug 2020 | IPPR Podcast

Frederico Links, the editor of Namibia Fact Check, talks to the IPPR’s Graham Hopwood about the surge in disinformation related to the …

6 Aug 2020 | IPPR Podcast

IPPR Executive Director Graham Hopwood sat down with researcher Frederico Links to discuss how the integrity of the public procurement system can …

6 Aug 2020 | IPPR Podcast

IPPR research associates Frederico Links and Martha Nangolo discuss how disinformation affected the 2019 Namibian elections.

6 Feb 2020 | IPPR Podcast

Frederico Links and Graham Hopwood discuss Wednesday’s election case judgement and what this means for Namibian politics.