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Namibia QER Quarter 4 2023

This edition of the IPPR’s Quarterly Economic Review includes a special feature on Public Enterprise Reform. The issue of the fiscal burden placed on the nation’s public finances by underperforming public enterprises (or State-Owned Enterprises) has been a perennial concern since the 1990s when so many new state-owned companies were created. And like so many […]

Public Enterprise Governance Rankings

This is the second edition of the IPPR Public Enterprise Governance Rankings. The rankings are based on an assessment of 20 commercial state-owned enterprises (as categorised by the Ministry of Public Enterprises) and use information that has been made available to the general public. The rankings are based on information made publicly available in 2020 […]

Hybrid model a step in the right direction

The IPPR’s recent report on State-Owned Enterprises is covered in the Observer. The article quotes IPPR Research Associate, Max Weylandt, on potential benefits of the new governance system: “There are many ways in which Namibia can benefit from it, as it is efficient and useful in times of fiscal restraints. In theory the central body […]

IPPR makes recommendations on SOEs governance

This Namibian article addresses a key concern raised in our report on SOEs: According to Weylandt, the classification of these enterprises is still not clear because a state-owned enterprise such as the controversial Namib Desert Diamonds (Namdia) still resorts under the mines and energy ministry instead of the public enterprises ministry, like all other commercial […]