Public Enterprise Governance in Namibia

An Updated Situation Analysis


Max Weylandt


Anti-Corruption Research Programme

Since the introduction of the Hybrid Governance System, not much has happened in the governance space for Public Enterprises. In fact, the act which was supposed to enable the new system has not been tabled in Parliament, more than half a year after it was supposed to. This report, which should be read in conjunction with our last one on the topic, takes a closer look at some of the aspects of the Hybrid Governance system.

Firstly, it is still unclear which enterprises are actually covered under these new governance guidelines. This should be a necessary first step; unfortunately government guidelines on the topic are often contradictory or unclear. In addition, the board appointment process proposed under the new system needs a far greater degree of transparency. Boards are crucial to good governance and political influence has to be removed. Finally, the report also calls for opening up the new oversight system, while cautioning that poor compliance may prove its undoing.