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6 Feb 2014 | by Klaus Schade

A review of 2013 and an assessment of the prospects for 2014

4 Feb 2014 | by Graham Hopwood

A Gap analysis on Namibia’s compliance with UNCAC completed by the IPPR and published by the ACC and UNDP

30 Jan 2014 | by Rowland Brown

The IJG Business Climate Index recovers after seasonal slump

30 Dec 2013 | by IPPR

Index declines due to seasonal factors

16 Dec 2013 | by Graham Hopwood

A media release on asset declaration from the National Assembly

11 Dec 2013 | by Graham Hopwood

A media release on gaps in Namibia’s compliance with the UN Convention against Corruption

30 Nov 2013 | by Rowland Brown

Leading indicator points to positive 2014

19 Nov 2013 | by Klaus Schade

A summary of recent developments impacting the Namibian economy

16 Nov 2013 | by Graham Hopwood

A media statement in response to the National Assembly from the IPPR

30 Oct 2013 | by IPPR

Leading indicator surge indicates promising 2014

30 Sep 2013 | by Rowland Brown

Falling export prices and rising import costs weaken terms of trade

16 Sep 2013 | by Klaus Schade

A snapshot of recent economic developments affecting Namibia