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The 2019 Election and Gender

This Perspectives on Parliament bulletin looks at the issue of women’s representation in parliament and what the 2019 election result means for the composition of the 7th National Assembly (2020-2025). In addition, party commitments in manifestos on gender-related issues are reviewed and progress towards gender equity across various leadership levels assessed.

The 5th Children’s Parliament

The 5th Children’s Parliament convened at the National Assembly over the 19th to 23rd August 2019. The group comprised 91 learners from all 14 regions who met under the theme “Engaging Young People in the Legislative Process”. In his opening statements, Hon. Prof. Peter Katjavivi stated that “the fundamental aspect of the Children’s Parliament is […]

Gender Analysis and Policy

In Namibia, as in many other countries around the world, men and women receive different treatment due to their gender. In a variety of ways – including but not limited to institutional access, social biases, and cultural values – women are disadvantaged in comparison to men. To combat this gender-based inequality, it is important that […]

Namibia: National Budget Not Gender-Sensitive – Analysts

The national budget is not responsive to gender issues, irrespective of sex-disaggregated data available on social issues.
This was the view of Rosina Mubonenwa, deputy director in the ministry of gender equality, yesterday when she presented the ministry’s stance and progress on a gender responsive budget (GRB) at a gathering organised by the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) in Windhoek.
The event was themed ‘Adapting To Fiscal Constraints, With Special Focus On The Budget and Gender.’
Mubonenwa said the budget is too general, and fails to explicitly state how it will address what the sex-disaggregated data on various social indicators shows.

Landscaping Gender-based Violence in Namibia

Gender-based violence (GBV) is generally accepted as one of the most urgent issues facing Namibian society and policymakers. Despite a raft of important and largely progressive legislative reforms – such as the Combating of Domestic Violence Act (2003) and the Combating of Rape Act (2000) – GBV remains a developing crisis in Namibia. Horrific acts […]

Women in the Budget

Gender Budgeting in Namibia has not taken off yet. Here is why it should – and what can be done to strengthen it.

Working with the Women’s Caucus

As part of the IPPR’s Democracy Report project we’re doing a bunch of workshops with MPs focusing specifically on gender issues. We had the first of our four workshops on June 27 2017, which was focused on creating a strong Women’s Caucus. A caucus is a group of Parliamentarians who come together based on particular […]

Women in the Harambee Prosperity Plan

The Harambee Prosperity Plan arrived with much fanfare in the beginning of 2016. Meant to focus attention on key development plans, the document contains sections on governance, international relations, the economy, infrastructure, and social welfare. It also came a year after the ruling party had contested its first election under its new 50-50 gender quota, […]