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Namibia QER Quarter 1 2024

This edition of the IPPR’s Quarterly Economic Review includes a special feature which examines whether government has indulged in election-related spending splurges since independence. Budgets in election years are reviewed including the 2024/25 budget tabled ahead of the 27 November 2024 national elections. The QER also includes the usual Quarter Summary, News Highlights, Key Economic Variables, […]

Ballots for Jobs

Leveraging Youth Voting Power to Address Unemployment As Namibia gears up for its Presidential and National Assembly elections in November 2024, the nation finds itself at a crossroads where the employment aspirations of its youth intersect with the fundamental fabric of its democracy. In the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly elections young people constituted more […]

Changes To Electoral Law Looming

Throughout 2022, electoral authorities gathered comments and inputs from stakeholders with a view to parliament amending the Electoral Act of 2014 before the 2024 national elections.

The Changing Political Landscape

The recent local and regional elections produced few surprises. Swapo would have been hoping to maintain the 65% of the popular vote they achieved in 2019’s National Assembly elections. But with a year of more Fishrot revelations and an already battered economy coming under further pressure from COVID-19, the prospect of stabilising the Swapo vote […]

Election Results 2019

The IPPR’s Election Watch bulletin from March 2020 which features the final results for the 2019 National Assembly and Presidential elections.

Tracking Disinformation

This briefing paper analyses the disinformation trends around the November 2019 election and calls for greater civic education on the dangers of spreading false information especially on social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Technology in the 2019 Namibian Elections

Despite using electronic voting machines at national and sub-national elections in 2014 and 2015, many voters and parties still hold strong suspicions about EVMs and the use of technology in general at polling stations. This briefing paper examines the use of various technologies at Namibian elections – from biometric registration kits through voter verification devices […]

ACTION Media Release on Elections

A summary of issues raised by the ACTION Coalition of Namibia pertaining to the credibility of the forthcoming National Assembly and Presidential elections – including topics such as joint military/police patrols, lack of information from parties and candidates, misuse of government resources, zero tolerance for corruption, the code of conduct for political parties, the electronic […]

Why does two-thirds matter?

Swapo has enjoyed a two-thirds majority in the National Assembly since 1994 and in the National Council since 1993. In theory, if Swapo has two-thirds majorities in both the National Council and the National Assembly it can change the Constitution without the agreement of the other parties (Article 132). Since Independence there have been three […]

Fake News & Namibian Elections

‘Fake news’ –misinformation, disinformation and propaganda – is very much a reality in Namibian political and electoral processes. Various social media platforms have become the preferred battlegrounds on which disturbing, divisive and even dangerous campaigns and content are being shared. This report describes what ‘fake news’ on Namibian social media looks like and where it […]