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2 May 2018 | by Max Weylandt

Namibians have never rated the economy this poorly, and they are critical of government’s performance

13 Mar 2018 | by Max Weylandt

Parliament is discussing laws to combat human trafficking. We explain what’s happening.

12 Feb 2018 | by Max Weylandt

In this edition of Perspectives on Parliament, we take a look at what the National Assembly achieved in 2017. This includes an in-depth discussions of a selection of important bills, …

20 Oct 2017 | by Max Weylandt

Terms, people, and processes involved are made clear in this explainer.

27 Sep 2017 | by Max Weylandt

Government needs to clarify who is governed by new guidelines, and increase transparency

29 Jun 2017 | by Max Weylandt

Should it be a crime to have wealth you can’t explain?

13 Jun 2017 | by Max Weylandt

Government recently introduced a new law to regulate the creation and operation of a national lottery. An older law on this already exists, but the new one adds more details. …

30 Apr 2017 | by Max Weylandt

The United Nations Convention Against Corruption requires its members to create a framework for the fight against corruption, which often takes the form of a national strategy. The Anti-Corruption Commission …

31 Mar 2017 | by Max Weylandt

Namibia’s natural resources can be a great source of income. But is the extraction of our wealth being governed well enough?

30 Mar 2017 | by Max Weylandt
9 Mar 2017 | by Max Weylandt
27 Feb 2017 | by Max Weylandt

We discuss some laws that will be discussed, and highlight issues to look out for