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16 Sep 2001 | by Sherbourne

AN interview with Joseph P Cassidy, Political Officer at the US Embassy Windhoek, on the Implications of the September 11 Attacks in the US .

31 Jul 2001 | by Mudenda & Sherbourne

This briefing paper examines changes in inflation, interest rates and the exchange rate in Namibia since 1990. It finds that inflation has come down steadily over the decade.

30 Jun 2001 | by Sherbourne

An IPPR analyses on How Well Does the Government Budget?

30 Jun 2001 | by Keulder

An IPPR analyses Feelings of Closeness: Public Opinion and its Implications for Decentralisation

31 Mar 2001 | by Sherbourne

An IPPR paper on Namibia Defense Expenditure since 1990

31 Dec 2000 | by Sherbourne

Waiting for Skorpion: Economic Outlook for 2001

30 Nov 2000 | by Sherbourne

An IPPR analyses on Namibia’s Latest National Accounts