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21 Dec 2010 | by Frederico Links

A survey report looking at skills shortages in Namibia produced for the Namibian Employers’ Federation and its social partners

21 Dec 2010 | by Bill Lindeke

What does the Afrobarometer say about likely trends in Namibia’s local and regional elections?

21 Dec 2010 | by IPPR

The Open Budget Index 2010: how Namibia scored, the full Namibian questionnaire, Namibian talking points, the global report

3 Dec 2010 | by Namene Kalili

Index slumps due to holiday shutdown and higher oil prices

30 Nov 2010 | by Namene Kalili

Business confidence booms, but is it sustainable?

31 Oct 2010 | by Namene Kalili

Index back in positive territory as consumer confidence expected to rise ahead of Xmas

15 Oct 2010 | by Frederico Links

This briefing paper focuses on public procurement,mining licensing and declarations of interests.

15 Oct 2010 | by IPPR

Recovery postponed?

15 Oct 2010 | by IPPR

2010 Soccer World Cup Fever – Retailers share in the cake

15 Oct 2010 | by Wolfgang Werner

This briefing paper reviews the new proposed land bill.

15 Oct 2010 | by C Stork / K Schade

Includes analysis conducted by the IPPR . Namibian Business and Investment Climate Survey 2009.

15 Oct 2010 | by Christoph Stork , Klaus Schade

The Namibian Business and Investment Climate Survey providing a reliable tool for rational decision-making for both captains of industries and policy makers.