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17 Apr 2015 | by Graham Hopwood

A tribute to our late colleague and friend Bill Lindeke who died on April 16 2015

13 Apr 2015 | by Klaus Schade

A review of recent developments affecting the economy including the budget and unemployment rate

22 Mar 2015 | by Ellison Tjirera

Afrobarometer respondents says business people ‘most corrupt’

11 Mar 2015 | by Graham Hopwood

A presentation at a training workshop for female MPs-elect in the National Assembly

28 Feb 2015 | by Rowland Brown

Index stabilises as inflation tumbles on back of oil price

13 Feb 2015 | by Survey Warehouse/Bill Lindeke

Comprehensive results for the 2014 Afrobarometer survey in Namibia

13 Feb 2015 | by Bill Lindeke & Nangula Shejavali

A presentation on key findings from the Afrobarometer survey for Namibia

13 Feb 2015 | by Bill Lindeke

A press release on findings from the Afrobarometer public opinion survey

3 Feb 2015 | by Klaus Schade

How the oil price and European QE impact Namibia

3 Jan 2015 | by Rowland Brown

After record highs the Index drops by 5.9 points

31 Dec 2014 | by Rowland Brown

Oil price boosts Index despite seasonal slowdown

19 Dec 2014 | by Nangula Shejavali

The National Assembly and Presidential results for all 121 constituencies