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9 Oct 2015 | by Max Weylandt

A commentary on the sweeping changes to urban land ownership envisaged in the Bill

8 Oct 2015 | by Klaus Schade

An overview of recent developments affecting the Namibian economy

30 Sep 2015 | by Rowland Brown

The Index recovers slightly due to continuing decline in international oil prices

28 Sep 2015 | by Graham Hopwood

A call for the release of the Delimitation Report ahead of the regional and local elections due in November

10 Sep 2015 | by International Budget Partnership

Namibia drops by nine points on the OBI 2015. Further details also at

10 Sep 2015 | by Graham Hopwood & Klaus Schade

A presentation on the findings of the Open Budget Survey 2015

4 Sep 2015 | by Klaus Schade

Review of recent developments including concerns over Namibia’s trade balance, weakening commodity prices and exchange rate turbulence.

3 Sep 2015 | by Frederico Links

A briefing paper analysing the proposed public procurement bill

31 Aug 2015 | by Nangula Shejavali

An overview of the regional and local elections due to take place on November 27 2015

4 Aug 2015 | by Rowland Brown

The Index falls for the first time since April as car sales, building plans and meat prices all slow

3 Jul 2015 | by Rowland Brown

Index continues to rebound due to falling oil price and Euro rate

1 Jul 2015 | by Klaus Schade

This regular bulletin on the economy focusses on the implications of recent free trade agreements