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20 Jan 2020 | by IPPR

The latest quarterly economic review from the IPPR examines economic developments that took place in the fourth quarter of 2019 and includes a special focus on Namibia’s unemployment statistics. Produced …

15 Jan 2020 | by Klaus Schade

In October the IJG BCM  remained in positive territory – suggesting there might be some form of silver lining for the business climate on the horizon. However, it has to …

9 Dec 2019 | by Graham Hopwood

An IPPR media release setting out eight practical steps President Geingob could take to reinforce “processes, systems and institutions” and demonstrate a real commitment to “zero tolerance for corruption”.

7 Dec 2019 | by Salmi Shigwedha, Rakkel Andreas and Ndapwa Alweendo

This bulletin explores the characteristics of political parties that have emerged from liberation movements and looks at how such characteristics affect governance

5 Dec 2019 | by Graham Hopwood

This short paper was prepared by the IPPR for the CSO Sustainability Index (2018) – covering issues facing Namibian civil society across seven dimensions: Legal Environment, Organisational Capacity, Financial Viability, …

27 Nov 2019 | by Graham Hopwood

This Election Watch bulletin was compiled to cover Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the 2019 National Assembly and Presidential Elections. It is produced as part of the IPPR’s Election Watch …

25 Nov 2019 | by Nangula Shejavali

Despite using electronic voting machines at national and sub-national elections in 2014 and 2015, many voters and parties still hold strong suspicions about EVMs and the use of technology in …

21 Nov 2019 | by Graham Hopwood

A bulletin that looks at the importance of political tolerance ahead of Namibia’s November 27 2019 national elections and includes a poster of the Code of Conduct for Political Parties.

20 Nov 2019 | by Nangula Shejavali

This paper highlights key issues in the manifestos made available by political parties and candidates before the November 27 2019 national elections in Namibia.

17 Nov 2019 | by ACTION Coalition

A summary of issues raised by the ACTION Coalition of Namibia pertaining to the credibility of the forthcoming National Assembly and Presidential elections – including topics such as joint military/police …

12 Nov 2019 | by Frederico Links and Rakkel Andreas

A new paper looking at whether the laws and regulations on the financing of political parties are working

11 Nov 2019 | by Klaus Schade

The IJG Business Climate Monitor remained in negative territory in September 2019 although it came close to the 50-point mark that separates economic contraction from economic expansion. This is the …