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20 Apr 2020 | by Frederico Links & Nestor Shekunangela

The April 2020 edition of the Procurement Tracker Namibia bulletin examines how the system based on the Procurement Act passed in 2015 has performed over the last three years. In …

17 Apr 2020 | by IPPR

This quarterly economic review from the IPPR examines developments that took place in the first quarter of 2020 and includes a special focus on Namibia’s recent record on attracting Foreign …

16 Apr 2020 | by Klaus Schade

The IJG Business Climate Monitor (BCM) climbed further into positive territory in January 2020 to 51.08 points after moving above the 50-point mark in December 2019 for the first time …

19 Mar 2020 | by Dietrich Remmert

This paper addresses three linked themes – drought, water shortages & climate change in Namibia

15 Mar 2020 | by Klaus Schade

In December 2019 the IJG Business Climate Monitor (BCM) climbed to 51.61 points – its highest level since September 2018. The BCM remained above the 50% mark for a second …

15 Mar 2020 | by Martha Nangolo

The IPPR’s Election Watch bulletin from March 2020 which features the final results for the 2019 National Assembly and Presidential elections.

8 Mar 2020 | by IPPR

The Public Enterprise Annual Rankings is a new IPPR publication which will appear in the first quarter of each year. The rankings are based on an assessment of 21 commercial …

1 Mar 2020 | by Klaus Schade

The return of the Business Climate Monitor  into positive territory was indicative of a slight improvement in the business climate in November 2019.

26 Feb 2020 | by Martha Nangolo & Ndapwa Alweendo

This paper gives a brief overview of the agricultural sector in Namibia including types of farming, contributions to the economy and employment, gender inequality, drought, the land question, trade, fisheries, …

14 Feb 2020 | by Frederico Links and Martha Nangolo

This briefing paper analyses the disinformation trends around the November 2019 election and calls for greater civic education on the dangers of spreading false information especially on social media platforms …

6 Feb 2020 | by Nangula Shejavali

This Perspectives on Parliament bulletin looks at the issue of women’s representation in parliament and what the 2019 election result means for the composition of the 7th National Assembly (2020-2025). …

3 Feb 2020 | by Christiaan Keulder

This paper looks at the origins of political trust in Namibia by examining two contending theories for explaining political trust: cultural and institutional. The relative importance of cultural and institutional …