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20 Nov 2016 | by Max Weylandt

This report looks at the new governance system that government will soon implement for Public Enterprises (also known as State-Owned Enterprises). These businesses have been tainted by allegations of mismanagement …

31 Aug 2016 | by Max Weylandt

Namibia is lagging behind on asset declaration. What can be done about it?

31 Aug 2016 | by Max Weylandt

An overview of Namibia’s second chamber of parliament

3 Mar 2016 | by Max Weylandt

Parties will now have to comply with new transparency rules

22 Jan 2016 | by Max Weylandt

The IPPR’s submission to the National Council public hearing on the Local Authorities Amendment Bill

31 Oct 2015 | by Max Weylandt

With MPs facing a November 30 deadline to declare their assets, the IPPR takes a closer look at the issue

9 Oct 2015 | by Max Weylandt

A commentary on the sweeping changes to urban land ownership envisaged in the Bill