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19 July 2012 | by Klaus Schade

A summary of recent developments affecting the Namibian economy

30 June 2012 | by Namene Kalili

Index slips despite boosts for consumers

21 June 2012 | by Ellison Tjirera, Malakia Haimbodi and Graham Hopwood

The ninth paper in the Anti-Corruption Research Series

18 May 2012 | by Klaus Schade

A summary of the latest economic developments affecting Namibia

6 May 2012 | by Klaus Schade

An assessment of Namibian business conditions based on a nationwide survey

1 May 2012 | by Namene Kalili

Index inches up on back of consumer borrowing

30 April 2012 | by Namene Kalili

Consumer confidence sluggish, Index drops 2.8 points

21 March 2012 | by Graham Hopwood

Commentary on the occasion of Namibia’s 22nd independence anniversary

18 March 2012 | by IPPR

The IPPR’s submission to the ongoing review of Namibia’s electoral laws

12 March 2012 | by Robin Sherbourne

The latest special paper from the IPPR’s Democracy Report project

12 March 2012 | by Klaus Schade

The sixth edition of the IPPR’s regular review of the Namibian economy

3 March 2012 | by Namene Kalili

Index reaches new high on back of renewed consumer confidence