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30 October 2012 | by Namene Kalili

Index flatlines, but outlook remains positive

30 September 2012 | by Namene Kalili

Index rises 6.9 points on stronger investment and export market

26 September 2012 | by Malakia Haimbodi

What do recent tender controversies have to tell us?

25 September 2012 | by Ellison Tjirera and Malakia Haimbodi

Insights from Hardap, Kavango and Omaheke

19 September 2012 | by Graham Hopwood

Entrenching accountability and transparency in public procurement

18 September 2012 | by Klaus Schade

A round-up of recent economic developments affecting Namibia

7 September 2012 | by Frederico Links

A review of corruption risks in the oil, gas and minerals sectors

31 August 2012 | by Ellison Tjirera

A look at asset and interest declaration by public officials in Namibia

30 August 2012 | by Namene Kalili

Index points to positive business outlook

22 August 2012 | by Karen Mohan

Namibia needs access to information legislation to fight corruption

19 August 2012 | by Frederico Links & Clement Daniels

The tenth paper in the IPPR’s Anti-Corruption series

31 July 2012 | by Namene Kalili

Index surges on building boom but metal prices to hit exports