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6 April 2018 | by Rowland Brown and Cheryl Emvula

Our review of the budget notes improvements in several areas, but some concerns remain.

4 April 2018 | by Nangula Shejavali and Max Weylandt

How has President Geingob fared after three years in office? We assess the situation.

29 March 2018 | by Nangula Shejavali and Max Weylandt

Gender Budgeting in Namibia has not taken off yet. Here is why it should – and what can be done to strengthen it.

14 March 2018 | by

The monitor fell slightly, but signs suggest the recession is waning.

13 March 2018 | by Dietrich Remmert and Pauline Ndhlovu

Findings from a survey around the country, and recommendations for going forward.

13 March 2018 | by Max Weylandt

Parliament is discussing laws to combat human trafficking. We explain what’s happening.

12 February 2018 | by Max Weylandt

In this edition of Perspectives on Parliament, we take a look at what the National Assembly achieved in 2017. This includes an in-depth discussions of a selection of important bills, …

6 February 2018 | by Frederico Links

The proposed cybercrimes bill could threaten human rights – a better approach is needed

18 January 2018 | by

November continues on a slight upward trend, but the economy is still contracting

5 December 2017 | by Frederico Links, Ndeshi Fikameni and Michael Hasheela

We asked 105 institutions for information – and only a minority answered.

30 November 2017 | by Robert McGregor, Cheryl Emvula, Rowland Brown

Is it feasible to add value to Namibia’s extracted Minerals?

5 November 2017 | by

The index improves, climbing back to January 2017 levels.