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28 September 2016 | by Klaus Schade

The IPPR report for Namibia since 2010 based on the  World Economic Forum (WEF) release of  the Global Competitiveness Report (GCR) 2016/17 on 28 September 2016.  

28 September 2016 | by IPPR

A IPPR  World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report of an annual assessment of the factors driving productivity and prosperity in 140 countries .  

31 August 2016 | by Max Weylandt

Namibia is lagging behind on asset declaration. What can be done about it?

31 August 2016 | by Max Weylandt

An overview of Namibia’s second chamber of parliament

31 August 2016 | by Klaus Schade

An IPPR overview of National Accounts for 2008-2015 growth indexes in different sectors. .

31 July 2016 | by J Brown, G Hopwood & G Lister

A discussion paper on Namibia’s foreign policy

31 July 2016 | by Graham Hopwood & Nangula Shejavali

A guide to mitigating risk in the electoral cycle published by IPPR and HSF

30 July 2016 | by Graham Hopwood

What should Namibia include in its forthcoming Whistleblower Protection Bill?

30 July 2016 | by Klaus Schade

A regular review of economic developments affecting Namibia including the potential Brexit fallout

30 June 2016 | by Rowland Brown

The index continues on a downward trend as government’s belt-tightening starts to have an effect