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Namibia’s Tourism Industry – Post-COVID Bounceback? Gradual Recovery? Transformation?

Join us for the launch of a briefing paper that looks at Namibia’s tourism industry in the context of the damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – what is possible – a post-pandemic bounceback, a gradual recovery, or a transformation of the industry? Presentation by the report author Dietrich Remmert. Email: to confirm attendance. […]

Namibia QER Quarter 2 2021

The QER for the second quarter of 2021 looks at economic developments between April and June, and includes a special focus on the tourism industry – examining the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and prospects for recovery.

Namibia QER Quarter 4 2020

The QER for the last quarter of 2020 looks at economic developments between October and December and also assesses the impact of COVID-19 on the economy throughout the year – including GDP, revenue, employment, business viability, and tourism

Opportunities for a Green Tourism Sector

This report looks at the potential for Namibia’s Tourism sector. Tourism is one of Namibia’s most important earners of foreign currency, and is a priority area in the fourth National Development Plan. To maximise the potential from tourism in the future, the report recommends that Namibia should: • Ensure the sustainability and viability of conservancies that […]

Economy Watch July 2015

This regular bulletin on the economy focusses on the implications of recent free trade agreements