9 Mar 2017


Klaus Schade


Democracy Report



Opportunities for a Green Tourism Sector

This report looks at the potential for Namibia’s Tourism sector. Tourism is one of Namibia’s most important earners of foreign currency, and is a priority area in the fourth National Development Plan. To maximise the potential from tourism in the future, the report recommends that Namibia should:

• Ensure the sustainability and viability of conservancies that are vital for the protection of biodiversity and wildlife through appropriate business models and support mechanisms.
• Protect sensitive areas through appropriate measures such as walkways, barriers, compulsory guided tours and ensure compliance with the regulations.
• Introduce the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycling) in tourism facilities and establish the necessary infrastructure such as collection points and transport.
• Embark on an innovative drive to introduce electric vehicles and boats for game drives and cruises to become the world leader and attract investment into RD&I.