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Namibia’s Tourism Industry – Post-COVID Bounceback? Gradual Recovery? Transformation?

Join us for the launch of a briefing paper that looks at Namibia’s tourism industry in the context of the damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – what is possible – a post-pandemic bounceback, a gradual recovery, or a transformation of the industry? Presentation by the report author Dietrich Remmert. Email: to confirm attendance. […]

Thoughts On The Pandemic – Two Years On

State of Emergency The initial lockdown was difficult for the public to deal with, but it was necessary. At the time we didn’t know how harmful the virus might be – so it was legitimate for government to introduce emergency measures and limit some rights, such as freedom of movement and size of public gatherings. […]

Time to Reward the Vaccinated

Recently, local financial services company Cirrus Capital produced a chart showing that, at current rates, Namibia will only reach its target for COVID-19 vaccinations (1 478 756 people or approximately 60% of the population) midway through 2026. This extremely sluggish vaccination rate means that Namibia will have little protection against a potentially damaging fourth wave […]

Pandemic Procurement – Red Flags Fluttering

The red flags are flying over Namibia’s emergency procurement procedures. This Procurement Tracker bulletin reviews what happened during the March-September 2020 state of emergency and finds a series of concerning issues including: -Short tender periods; -Very few bidders or only one bidder invited to tender; -Few contracts awarded competitively; -Unclear or inaccessible company registration and/or […]

Namibia QER Quarter 3 2020

This quarterly economic review from the IPPR examines economic developments that took place in the third quarter of 2020, which saw the COVID-19 pandemic hit the economy hard with job losses across various sectors. The government, for the first time since Independence, sought a major loan from the IMF. This QER also includes a special […]

COVID-19 – Reforming The Economy

COVID-19 has compounded the economic travails that were already afflicting Namibia before the pandemic. Could the crisis be used as the springboard for much-needed reform? This paper argues for Namibia to embark on a clear programme of reform that would include a re-orientation of the national budget, a drive for private sector investment, and the […]

Procurement Tracker Namibia

The April 2020 edition of the Procurement Tracker Namibia bulletin examines how the system based on the Procurement Act passed in 2015 has performed over the last three years. In addition, the bulletin looks at how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted procurement in Namibia.