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Namibia’s Media – The Digital Challenge

Digitalisation is transforming how media products are both created and accessed. Consumers can now exercise more control over their media use in terms of how they access content. Consumers are increasingly likely to only access a few stories from newspapers or TV stations rather than reading a newspaper from cover to cover or watching an […]

Namibia’s Media – Facing the Digital Challenge

Globally, the media industry is undergoing a far-reaching transformation as a result of rapid economic, technological and political changes over the past decade. The digital revolution has been positive in many respects: significantly more people are now able to affordably and quickly access vast amounts of information via internet platforms around the world. However, digitalisation […]

Muckraking in Namibia

Investigative journalism shines a light of accountability on those who seek to commit acts of corruption under a shroud of secrecy. Yet, investigative journalism cannot play a meaningful role in reducing corruption unless it is properly funded and supported. In Namibia, the pressures of producing daily newspapers can mean there is a lack of resources […]