After Fishrot: Urgent Need For Transparency & Accountability

In the three years since the news of the Fishrot corruption scandal made global headlines, nothing has been done to reform the highly secretive way in which the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources operates. This briefing paper calls for a complete opening up of the fisheries sector and urges the Ministry to publish full […]

Namibia QER Quarter 4 2021

The QER for the fourth quarter of 2021 looks at economic developments in Namibia between October 1 and December 31, and includes a special focus on green hydrogen. This short feature looks at the progress Namibia has made in developing its own green hydrogen and ammonia industry and some of the challenges it will face […]

Namibia & the Global Competitiveness Rankings

The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018 – an annual assessment of the factors driving productivity and prosperity in 137 countries – was released on September 27 2017. Namibia has fallen by six places on the rankings for 2017-18 – down to 90th from 84th in 2016-17. Namibia’s score was also down – 3.99 […]

Vision 2030 an illusion – critics

This article surveys progress made on Vision2030, citing several experts in the process of comparing the goals set with the progress achieved so far. The Villager cites IPPR director, Graham Hopwood: Hopwood says there is still time to meet many of the Vision 2030 goals but it is necessary to monitor progress and also ensure […]

Measuring Harambee

Corruption rankings show that government should adopt a different approach to measuring how effectively the Harambee Prosperity Plan is being implemented.

Women in the Harambee Prosperity Plan

The Harambee Prosperity Plan arrived with much fanfare in the beginning of 2016. Meant to focus attention on key development plans, the document contains sections on governance, international relations, the economy, infrastructure, and social welfare. It also came a year after the ruling party had contested its first election under its new 50-50 gender quota, […]