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Women in the Harambee Prosperity Plan

Does The Harambee Prosperity Plan Fast-track Women’s Development Towards Achieving Vision 2030, The SDGs, And The AU’s Agenda 2063?


Nangula Shejavali


Democracy Report

The Harambee Prosperity Plan arrived with much fanfare in the beginning of 2016. Meant to focus attention on key development plans, the document contains sections on governance, international relations, the economy, infrastructure, and social welfare. It also came a year after the ruling party had contested its first election under its new 50-50 gender quota, sweeping a cohort of women into Parliament. Does the Harambee plan fast-track women’s development?

This report finds that the report seldom mentions women or gender specifically, and asks whether its its gender neutrality is enough in a context of high poverty and levels of gender-based violence. It compares the plan’s goals with the gender goals to which the Namibian government has committed itself through a variety of national and international treaties and agendas.

Click on the left for the report, or view a presentation outlining the findings here.