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State Of The Namibian Economy 2022

This is the presentation made by economist Robin Sherbourne for his State of the Namibian Economy address delivered on September 28 2022.

Namibia QER – Quarter 4 2018

A new economic review – to be published four times a year – which summarises recent economic developments and news highlights as well as providing an overview of data trends and key economic variables. This first edition also includes a special focus on reforming Namibia’s commercial public enterprises. Produced with the support of the Hanns […]

Economy Watch Namibia November 2018

The IPPR’s latest economic bulletin bemoans the fact that Namibia continues to drift down global competitiveness and ease of doing business rankings despite the fact that improvements have been factored into national development targets. Namibia’s economic prospects for the next year remain less than rosy – with growth forecasts being downsized. If current predictions hold, […]

Economy Watch – July 2018

This new edition of the Economy Watch bulletin looks at growth forecasts for the world and the region, as well as the prospects of recovery for the Namibian economy. The bulletin also takes a closer look at oil and fuel price trends.

Economy Watch

This issue discusses the IMF’s relatively upbeat growth forecasts, as well as a new free trade agreement for Africa

Economy Watch Namibia

Namibia has slipped down competitiveness rankings once more, and SACU revenues are likely to decline.

Economy Watch Namibia

We look at quarterly trade statistics, and some good news from the labour force survey.

Economy Watch July 2017

Discusses the IMF global growth forecasts, drivers of the local recession, and labour statistics