IJG Business Climate Monitor November 2018

The IJG Business Climate Monitor for November underlined the economic gloom hanging over Namibia and indicated that any recovery is likely to be slow and inconsistent. The main index dropped below the 50 point mark on the back of reductions in the amount of building plans approved and completed as well as the number of […]

IJG Business Climate Monitor October 2018

The IJG Business Climate Monitor continued its decline in October 2018 for the sixth consecutive month. The IJG BCM fell by 1.2 points to 51.21. However, a significant improvement in the leading indicator suggested the business climate may be about to improve.

IJG Business Climate Monitor September 2018

There were some signs of economic recovery reflected in the leading indicator, which is designed to predict the future course of the IJG Business Climate Monitor. However, the Business Climate Monitor (BCM) as a whole dropped by 0.67 points in September – a clear sign that the economy is still contracting. The 31 indicators that […]

IJG Business Climate Monitor August 2018

The IJG Business Climate Monitor (BCM) stood at 52.5 points in August – a slight decline of 0.7 on the previous month. Signs of economic recovery remained mixed. Some 14 of the 31 indicators measured by the BCM improved while the remainder declined. On the positive side, livestock sales and cattle prices, building plans approved […]

IJG Business Climate Monitor June 2018

The IJG Business Climate Monitor improved slightly in June on the back of increased building plans and vehicle sales and a rise in credit extension to the private sector. However, the leading indicator, which predicts future trends, remained below the 50 point mark – meaning contractions in the economy are still expected.