IJG Business Climate Monitor August 2019

The IJG Business Climate Monitor for August 2019 continued to suggest that the economy has not yet gained sufficient momentum for a robust turnaround. The question remains: what can be a driver for economic growth in the short term?

IJG Business Climate Monitor July 2019

Upward movements on both the main BCM index and the leading indicator (which seeks to pick up future trends) continued to suggest that better economic times lie ahead. Despite this, the Business Climate Monitor still indicated that the economy is contracting rather than expanding. There are some signs that the economy is consolidating although it […]

IJG Business Climate Monitor June 2019

The IJG Business Climate Monitor deteriorated in June 2019 following promising upward movements in previous months. Overall, the IJG BCM indicates that the economy is still struggling to move out of negative territory despite some signs of future relief.

IJG Business Climate Monitor May 2019

The IJG Business Climate Monitor continued to show improvement in May – a trend started by the Leading Indicator in June 2018 and by the main IJG BCM in March 2019. While business sentiment may be rising, it is still the case that Namibia continues to face considerable economic headwinds.

IJG Business Climate Monitor April 2019

The IJG Business Climate Monitor continued to show slight improvement in April 2019. The Leading Indicator – which points to the future trend for the economy – remained flat, but in positive territory at 57.29 points. The IJG BCM followed an upward trend and climbed marginally to 47.85 from 47.58 in March 2019.

IJG Business Climate Monitor March 2019

The continued expansion of the Leading Indicator backed up by an improvement in the IJG BCM main index indicated that confidence in the economy is returning. However, the downward movement of the majority of indicators suggests that any recovery will be fragile and setbacks in the near future cannot be ruled out

Improving the Business Environment in Namibia

This briefing paper examines what needs to be done to improve the business and investment climate in Namibia. The paper, funded by the British High Commission, updates a previous IPPR publication from 2014 on the same issue – see here: https://ippr.org.na/publication/easing-the-way-for-investment-in-namibia/ Namibia has been sliding down the global business rankings. As of 2019, Namibia was […]

IJG Business Climate Monitor February 2019

The IJG Business Climate Monitor continued its trend from the previous month with the leading indicator pointing to better economic times to come while current indicators showed a business climate that was still in trouble

IJG Business Climate Monitor January 2019

The IJG Business Climate Monitor (BCM) started the year with mixed signals – the leading indicator, which is based on the economy’s future prospects, moved above the 50 point line for the first time since September 2016. However, the current rockiness in the economy was reflected in the BCM’s main index which continued it long […]

IJG Business Climate Monitor December 2018

Overall, the picture remains one of decline. The IJG BCM dropped from 48.92 in November to 48.52 in December, indicating that economic conditions are not yet improving. In contrast, the leading indicator recovered from a slight dip in November to increase to 48.44 in December – hinting that a slow recovery is still in the offing.