22 Mar 2017 | IPPR Blog

We just attended a conference to discuss the performance of anti-corruption bodies in the region

13 Mar 2017 | Democracy Report

Parliament’s seemingly massive decline in funding is really just an accounting trick.

13 Mar 2017 | IPPR Blog

*This post is adapted from the briefing paper “Namibia and the African Peer Review Mechanism: Committing to Improved Governance” by Steven Gruzd. …

8 Mar 2017 | IPPR Blog

The ACTION coalition is calling on Parliament to refer the Whistleblower Protection Bill to a standing committee for proper discussion and consultations …

22 Feb 2017 | IPPR Blog

The new bill has potential for good — we detail the issues that need to be fixed first

21 Feb 2017 | Democracy Report

The Land Bill tabled at the end of last year was seriously flawed, and a fundamental review of policy is needed.

31 Jan 2017 | Democracy Report

For a few years now, IPPR has worked on a project called Democracy Report that focuses on the work of Parliament, analysing the …

25 Jan 2017 | IPPR Blog

Corruption rankings show that government should adopt a different approach to measuring how effectively the Harambee Prosperity Plan is being implemented.

9 Dec 2016 | IPPR Blog

Our New website lets you easily access information about Petroleum licenses and who owns them

6 Dec 2016 | IPPR Blog

We’re excited to announce that the newest edition of the most comprehensive and accessible book on the Namibian economy is now available. …