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The National Budget 2024-25

The 2024-25 National Budget indicated that Finance Minister Iipumbu Shiimi has successfully steered the country’s public finances through their most challenging period since Independence. Yet, as the Minister admitted, the recovery will not be nearly sufficient to address the country’s high unemployment levels. Creating sustainable employment opportunities remains the central economic challenge facing Namibia.

Civil Society Sets Out 2024-25 Budget Priorities

A media release from the Civil Society Information Centre (CIVIC +264) and the IPPR regarding budget priorities. The concerns arise from civil society consultations with the Minister of Finance and the National Planning Commission Director-General that took place in 2023.

Namibia QER Quarter 1 2021

The QER for the first quarter of 2021 looks at economic developments between January and March and includes a special focus on the 2021/22 national budget as tabled on March 17 – looking at revenue, expenditure, tax proposals, debt and deficit.

Analysis – 2020/21 National Budget

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided yet another excuse for government to kick the can of reform further down the road. But difficult issues like the size of the government wage bill and perennially-failing public enterprises will have to be addressed sooner rather than later.