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Growth at Home Four Years On

Namibia’s plan for industrialisation, Growth at Home, was adopted in early 2015. The 52-page policy guide represented a clear interventionist-turn in the government’s economic policy. As if to indicate the new approach, the Ministry of Trade and Industry was renamed the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development (MITSMED) in the same year. But since […]

The Budget 2019-20

A detailed analysis of Namibia’s 2019-20 budget – including a macroeconomic overview, a look at revenue and expenditure, debt and deficit considerations, and suggestions for the way forward

Get the policy right first

The Land Bill tabled at the end of last year was seriously flawed, and a fundamental review of policy is needed.

namBIC Summary 2009

The Namibian Business and Investment Climate Survey providing a reliable tool for rational decision-making for both captains of industries and policy makers.