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Namibia: National Budget Not Gender-Sensitive – Analysts

The national budget is not responsive to gender issues, irrespective of sex-disaggregated data available on social issues.
This was the view of Rosina Mubonenwa, deputy director in the ministry of gender equality, yesterday when she presented the ministry’s stance and progress on a gender responsive budget (GRB) at a gathering organised by the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) in Windhoek.
The event was themed ‘Adapting To Fiscal Constraints, With Special Focus On The Budget and Gender.’
Mubonenwa said the budget is too general, and fails to explicitly state how it will address what the sex-disaggregated data on various social indicators shows.

Week in Review: 27 – 31 May

During the tabling of the 2019/20 Budget on 27 March 2019, Minister of Finance Calle Schlettwein pointed out that the budget made provision for “a growth stimulus package”. However, in their debate during the committee stage between 16 and 28 May 2019, various members of the National Council expressed concern regarding various allocations, notably unemployment, […]