State Of The Namibian Economy 2022

This is the presentation made by economist Robin Sherbourne for his State of the Namibian Economy address delivered on September 28 2022.

IJG Business Climate Monitor February 2019

The IJG Business Climate Monitor continued its trend from the previous month with the leading indicator pointing to better economic times to come while current indicators showed a business climate that was still in trouble

Economy Watch September 2016


The IPPR report for Namibia since 2010 based on the  World Economic Forum (WEF) release of  the Global Competitiveness Report (GCR) 2016/17 on 28 September 2016.  

Economy Watch July 2016


A regular review of economic developments affecting Namibia including the potential Brexit fallout

Economy Watch May 2016


The latest summary of developments affecting the Namibian economy looks at oil, inflation, crops and commodities

Economy Watch September 2015

Review of recent developments including concerns over Namibia’s trade balance, weakening commodity prices and exchange rate turbulence.