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IJG Business Climate Monitor August 2020

The IJG Business Climate Monitor increased from 53.8 in July to 54.8 in August 2020 while the Leading Indicator remained unchanged at 66.7. 16 of the 31 indicators showed an improvement during August, but the value of 15 indicators deteriorated.

IJG Business Climate Monitor July 2020

The IJG Business Climate Monitor (BCM) continued its upward trend in July and rose slightly to 53.8 from 53.6 a month earlier. The Leading Indicator showed a strong improvement compared to the previous month and increased to 66.7 – up from 63.0. 17 out of the 31 indicators moved upward in July while 14 moved […]

IJG Business Climate Monitor December 2019

In December 2019 the IJG Business Climate Monitor (BCM) climbed to 51.61 points – its highest level since September 2018. The BCM remained above the 50% mark for a second month in a row – a sign of much-needed positivity. However, the Leading Indicator, which predicts future trends, lost momentum and slipped back below 60 […]

IJG Business Climate Monitor February 2019

The IJG Business Climate Monitor continued its trend from the previous month with the leading indicator pointing to better economic times to come while current indicators showed a business climate that was still in trouble

IJG Business Climate Monitor January 2019

The IJG Business Climate Monitor (BCM) started the year with mixed signals – the leading indicator, which is based on the economy’s future prospects, moved above the 50 point line for the first time since September 2016. However, the current rockiness in the economy was reflected in the BCM’s main index which continued it long […]

IJG Business Climate Monitor December 2018

Overall, the picture remains one of decline. The IJG BCM dropped from 48.92 in November to 48.52 in December, indicating that economic conditions are not yet improving. In contrast, the leading indicator recovered from a slight dip in November to increase to 48.44 in December – hinting that a slow recovery is still in the offing.

IJG Business Climate Monitor November 2018

The IJG Business Climate Monitor for November underlined the economic gloom hanging over Namibia and indicated that any recovery is likely to be slow and inconsistent. The main index dropped below the 50 point mark on the back of reductions in the amount of building plans approved and completed as well as the number of […]

IJG Business Climate Monitor September 2018

There were some signs of economic recovery reflected in the leading indicator, which is designed to predict the future course of the IJG Business Climate Monitor. However, the Business Climate Monitor (BCM) as a whole dropped by 0.67 points in September – a clear sign that the economy is still contracting. The 31 indicators that […]