Thinking About Data Protection

A draft data protection bill has been made public and it is clear that it requires a lot more work before it should be tabled in parliament. This Perspectives on Parliament bulletin includes both IPPR and Legal Assistance Centre commentaries on the bill – which have been submitted to the Ministry of Information and Communication […]

Data Protection Bill: Not Fit For Purpose

This review of the proposed Data Protection Bill for Namibia argues that the draft law requires further development to ensure that it meets the requirements of a contemporary data protection framework. The sections on the independence of the Supervisory Authority need to be reconsidered and substantially redrafted, and sections concerning offences, penalties, and administrative penalties […]

ACTION Media Statement on Policing & Public Protest

The ACTION Coalition, of which IPPR is a member, has expressed concern about the excessive use of force by the Police against protestors that occurred in Windhoek on May 13 2022. The ACTION Coalition was formed in July 2012 when a number of like-minded organisations and activists decided to focus their resources (human and financial) […]

Cybercrime Laws & The Internet In Africa

Join us for this webinar on Tuesday 29 March from 10h00 to 12h00. Speakers: Dr Allen Munoriyarwa (University of Johannesburg) on Cybersecurity Legislation in Southern Africa and Mr. Paul Kimumwe (Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa) on The Impact of Cybercrime Laws on Internet Rights in Africa. Email: for more […]

Unpacking Namibia’s Cybercrime Bill

The Cybercrime Bill (2019) has serious but fixable flaws that can be addressed as the final draft is finalised, argues Frederico Links in this new paper produced as part of the ‘Mainstreaming Human Rights in Cybercrime Law and Policy Making (MHRC)’ project, funded by Global Partners Digital (GPD).

Dialogue on Dangers – SADC Cybercrime Laws & Human Rights

Join us next Tuesday, September 28 from 09h00 to 13h00 for a webinar on SADC Cybercrime Laws and Human Rights – Dialogue on Dangers. Including case studies on Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Lesotho. Email for the Zoom link details

Role and Responsibilities of the Ombudsman

In a statement released on 19 July 2021, the Office of the Judiciary announced that Ruth Herunga, Tousy Namiseb and Basilius Dyakugha would be interviewed for the Ombudsman post. The post was advertised and only four candidates applied with the aforementioned three being selected for the interview stage. The successful candidate will succeed John Walters […]

The Right to Freedom of Expression in Namibia

The IPPR contributed a chapter to the new report ‘The Struggle for the Realisation of the Right to Freedom of Expression in Southern Africa’. The chapter focuses on impediments to freedom of expression in the Communications Act, the Protection of Information Act, and the Prevention and Combating of Terrorist and Proliferation Activities Act. The report […]

Fake News & Namibian Elections

‘Fake news’ –misinformation, disinformation and propaganda – is very much a reality in Namibian political and electoral processes. Various social media platforms have become the preferred battlegrounds on which disturbing, divisive and even dangerous campaigns and content are being shared. This report describes what ‘fake news’ on Namibian social media looks like and where it […]

Housing in Namibia

Findings from a survey around the country, and recommendations for going forward.