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Civil Society Sets Out 2024-25 Budget Priorities

A media release from the Civil Society Information Centre (CIVIC +264) and the IPPR regarding budget priorities. The concerns arise from civil society consultations with the Minister of Finance and the National Planning Commission Director-General that took place in 2023.

Civil Society & The Struggle Against Corruption

In the wake of the Fishrot scandal, Namibian civil society needs to significantly step up its efforts to fight corruption. The best way of doing this would be for civil society organisations to create a common platform that can vigorously promote a national anti-corruption agenda.

Namibia – Civil Society Sustainability

This short paper was prepared by the IPPR for the CSO Sustainability Index (2018) – covering issues facing Namibian civil society across seven dimensions: Legal Environment, Organisational Capacity, Financial Viability, Advocacy, Service Provision, Sectoral Infrastructure, and Public Image. The report is based on the comments and scores of a panel of civil society experts combined […]