The APRM Process in Namibia – A Call For Action

In January 2017, Namibia became the 36th African Union (AU) member state to voluntarily accede to the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM). The APRM’s rules require that civil society is meaningfully involved in each country’s review process. Together with government and the private sector, the country’s civil society sought to diagnose governance strengths and weaknesses, […]

A Call for Action on Corruption

An IPPR media release setting out eight practical steps President Geingob could take to reinforce “processes, systems and institutions” and demonstrate a real commitment to “zero tolerance for corruption”.

Is the ACC fit for purpose?

Even before this weekend’s botched warrant of arrest (for Bernard Esau), the Anti-Corruption Commission’s independence and competence have long been questioned. Several key corruption cases have either collapsed in court or seen the Prosecutor General decline to prosecute – suggesting shoddy investigations by the ACC (although questions about the PG’s own performance and delays in […]

Public Procurement Tracker Namibia

Recent statements by senior government figures indicate that the problems that have been experienced with the implementation of the Public Procurement Act since 2017 can no longer simply be described as ‘growing pains’. The latest edition of our Procurement Tracker bulletin examines these recent pronouncements on the faults and gaps in the present system as […]

Public Procurement Tracker Namibia

Our latest public procurement bulletin examines the capacity issues facing the Central Procurement Board of Namibia, proposed amendments to the procurement legislation, and continuing issues around the lack of transparency about public procurement decisions

5% of corruption cases finalised since 2006

Out of the 6 605 corruption reports registered with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) since its inception in 2006, only 347 have been finalised in the courts.
A total of 605 cases have been submitted to the prosecutor-general (PG) for a decision. Of this figure, 212 cases are still pending trial, while 24 are pending the PG’s decision.
This leaves much to be desired in the anti-graft fight, according to ACC’s director-general, Paulus Noa.

Creaking Under Its Own Weight

Bottlenecks and backlogs continue to undermine the delivery of justice in Namibia  – thereby fuelling negative perceptions of the rule of law and the effectiveness of the criminal justice system. Efforts over recent years to introduce case management systems and speed up the handling of cases appear to have only had a minimal effect. Many […]

Muckraking in Namibia

Investigative journalism shines a light of accountability on those who seek to commit acts of corruption under a shroud of secrecy. Yet, investigative journalism cannot play a meaningful role in reducing corruption unless it is properly funded and supported. In Namibia, the pressures of producing daily newspapers can mean there is a lack of resources […]

IPPR corruption report not factual – ICT Minister

Government is unhappy over what it calls a misleading statement made by the Institute for Public Policy and Research (IPPR).
The IPPR reported that politicians and public office bearers tolerate bribes due to a culture of ingrained corruption, a sense of entitlement, political connections, and low wages.