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Struggling To Consult

The government approach is not how it should be done This has already been a highly instructive year in terms of what the government considers ‘consultation’.  To recap, in the first half of the year, various government authorities rushed to parliament a raft of bills that have to be enacted before the end of September […]

The Whistleblower Bill should not pass in its current form

The ACTION coalition is calling on Parliament to refer the Whistleblower Protection Bill to a standing committee for proper discussion and consultations with the public. The bill has three serious faults: 1. Section 52 (1d) allows protection to be removed if the disclosure questions government policy. This has wide-ranging implications: For example a whistleblower who […]

The 2016 Land Bill

Ahead of the national dialogue on land, this paper looks at the latest draft of the Land Bill. This Bill was the subject of considerable controversy, as government seemed intent on passing it before the national dialogue.However, the bill was withdrawn after being introduced at the end of 2016, and earlier this year the President […]