13 Mar 2018


Dietrich Remmert and Pauline Ndhlovu



Housing in Namibia

Rights, Challenges and Opportunities

The lack of urban housing has become a key political issue of our age. Informal settlements are growing rapidly, and most Local Authorities seem to be struggling to keep up with the demand for housing from their rapidly growing populations.

This report provides an overview of the housing situation in Namibia, and gives recommendations for the way forward. Through a desk review, interviews with experts, and a survey of inhabitants of informal settlements in three towns, the report identifies the key factors holding back housing in Namibia.

Namibia is hamstrung by an outdated, complex and rigid framework which leaves Local Authorities with few options to innovate in response to challenges. The survey found differences in attitudes across towns; policy should respond to these different needs rather than being uniformly rigid. Above all, the report argues that Namibia should commit to a new housing vision, which emphasises the provision of land rather than housing, and embraces progressive planning ideals.