30 Jul 2017


Klaus Schade


Economy Watch



Economy Watch July 2017

Global Economic Prospects unchanged amidst regional differences

This bulletin takes a look at the IMF’s newest World Economic Outlook update. The IMF predicts that Sub-Saharan Africa will grow by 2.7 percent. Meanwhile, Namibia Statistics Agency numbers confirm the economy is contracting since the second quarter of 2016. Struggles in the construction sector, which shrunk by 44.9 percent, as well as downturns in manufacturing, tourism, and retail drove this contraction, while the mining sector is growing again.

This Economy Watch report takes a closer look at the reliability of GDP data, the factors influencing the state of the economy, and the prospects for the future. It discusses the recent labour force survey, in particular the shrinking wage gap between men and women, and analyses the prospects in the agricultural sector. For more, click here.