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Human Rights in Namibia

In early March 2024, Namibian civil society submitted its report on Namibia’s compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) to the UN Human Rights Committee. The report was produced in collaboration with the Centre for Civil and Political Rights based in Geneva. The UN Human Rights Committee, meeting from 4 to […]

Keep Your Eyes On The Money

A summary of the main findings and recommendations of the IPPR research report, Keep Your Eyes On The Money: Public Fiscal Management & Oversight in Namibia – The Need for Public Participation & Reform

The Right to Freedom of Expression in Namibia

The IPPR contributed a chapter to the new report ‘The Struggle for the Realisation of the Right to Freedom of Expression in Southern Africa’. The chapter focuses on impediments to freedom of expression in the Communications Act, the Protection of Information Act, and the Prevention and Combating of Terrorist and Proliferation Activities Act. The report […]

Namibia – Civil Society Sustainability

This short paper was prepared by the IPPR for the CSO Sustainability Index (2018) – covering issues facing Namibian civil society across seven dimensions: Legal Environment, Organisational Capacity, Financial Viability, Advocacy, Service Provision, Sectoral Infrastructure, and Public Image. The report is based on the comments and scores of a panel of civil society experts combined […]

Making Sense of Namibia-China Relations

This new briefing paper seeks to understand the relationship between Namibia and China – by looking at areas such as trade, investment, debt, the extractives sector, SME activity, construction projects, and other bilateral issues.

Civil Society Sustainability Index – Findings on Namibia

This short brief on the state of civil society in Namibia is part of a global report based on the CSO Sustainability Index for 2017. The report, which was compiled by the IPPR following a period of research and a panel of experts discussion, examines the state of civil society across seven dimensions. These are […]