Annual Report 2010-11

The IPPR has two full-time staff members (an Executive Director and an Office Manager), with the bulk research and consulting work being outsourced to a network of associates and consultants. The IPPR hosts visiting and guest researchers.

Annual Report 2008-09

As a result of previously instituted staff and structural changes, the year under review in this annual report was a period of consolidation and transformation. This has led to a time of growth, increased productivity and greater public visibility for the IPPR. Developing new projects with a growing number of local, regional and international research […]

Annual Report 2007-08

Over the past eight years, the IPPR has helped to raise the level of policy debate in Namibia, and in so doing the Institute has contributed to the development of an open and stable democracy in the country and a growing culture of public dialogue around key developmental challenges and governance-related topics. We have done […]

Annual Report 2006-07

Over the course of the last seven years, the Institute for Public Policy Research has become part and parcel of Namibia’s democratic landscape, as it continues to raise critical policy-related issues for debate and to provide quality research on matters of national importance. During the period under review, the IPPR flagged topics such as the […]

Annual Report 2005-06

The IPPR has been in existence for six wonderful years and is geared to be around for many more years to come. Our research has remained quite relevant and focused on important public policy challenges facing the country, as shown by recent research report titles ranging from SME development, vocational training and HIV/AIDS just to […]

Annual Report 2004-05

The IPPR is currently in its fifth year of existence. The institute can proudly look back on a strong track record of research excellence in public policy, whilst continually living up to its credo that development is best promoted through free and critical debate, informed by quality research. Our key indicators, such as publications produced/distributed, […]

Annual Report 2001-03

While many consultancy companies existed in Namibia at the time, we felt passionately that there was a need for an independent public policy research organisation whose job it would be to provide rigorous research to Namibian decision-makers and the public at large on the important issues of the day. This kind of research does not […]