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25 Nov 2016

Coastweek, a Chinese news website, aggregates a Xinhua report here.

25 Nov 2016

This report on the change of governance systems at SOEs quotes local academics as well as our report.

25 Nov 2016

This article from the Namibia Economist is based on our Q&A with Minister of Public Enterprises from our report on SOE governance in Namibia.

24 Nov 2016

The IPPR’s recent report on State-Owned Enterprises is covered in the Observer. The article quotes IPPR Research Associate, Max Weylandt, on potential benefits of the new governance system: “There are …

23 Nov 2016

This Namibian article addresses a key concern raised in our report on SOEs: According to Weylandt, the classification of these enterprises is still not clear because a state-owned enterprise such …

10 Oct 2016

Verskeie aanbevelings is deur die IPPR gemaak om die bestuur van die nasionale watersektor te verbeter en die onderskeie uitdagings die hoof te bied.

9 Oct 2016

This article reports on the latest round of Finnish funding to Namibian NGOs, which resulted in the continuation of the Democracy Report project. IPPR Executive Director, Graham Hopwood commended the …

7 Oct 2016

Water projects poorly implemented

7 Oct 2016

Harambee not realistic by 2020