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Democracy Report

Welcome to the Democracy Report Blog!

For a few years now, IPPR has worked on a project called Democracy Report that focuses on the work of Parliament, analysing the bills that are in front of the house and explaining them to Namibians. This year the project enters a new phase, and so changes are coming to how we do things. Of course, we will continue our previous publication series: short bulletins explaining the workings of Parliament and in-depth briefing papers on select issues.

But we will also write a weekly blog when Parliament is in session, summarising what happened during the week and explaining important issues that come up. In addition, we will be making a few short videos to explain different aspects of the law-making process, which will be posted to our youtube channel.

All of this will of course be posted to our Facebook and Twitter pages. If you don’t follow us yet, please do so.

Image: The Parliament of Namibia, credit Harald Süpfle

31 January 2017