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Week in Review: June 26-30

What happened in the last week of June?

Work continues apace in parliament, though there were fewer laws than in last week’s flurry activity.

The Minister for Land Reform introduced the only new bill of the week, the Property Valuers Profession Amendment Bill. We haven’t been able to get our hands on a copy yet, but here is the description:

improve certain definitions; to subject the determination of fees and charges payable to the Council to consultation with the Minister and publication in the Gazette; to empower the Council to determine the allowances payable to its members and committee members; to provide for the issuing of annual practicing licences; to criminalise certain conducts; and to provide for incidental matters.

the NA also passed the Usury Amendment Bill, which regulates Microlenders.

Meanwhile, several international agreements came up for discussion.  Debate on the ratification of the World Trade Organisation ‘s Trade Facilitation Agreement  will continue on July 4. Meanwhile, the NA took only two days to ratify the General Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the Organization of African Unity. The Trade Facilitation Agreement is supposed to cut trading costs, according to the link above. The second treaty is interesting, as it was first adopted in 1965. A case of better late than never?

Next week looks to be a busy one. The NA will likely ratify the WTO treaty and pass the liquor amendment bill. The Revenue Agency Bill is up for discussion, and the Environment Minister will bring amendments to the lottery bill before it is passed.

Bills Introduced

Property Valuers Profession Amendment Bill

Bills Passed

Usury Amendment Bill

30 June 2017