Transparent Oil Namibia website launched

Our New website lets you easily access information about Petroleum licenses and who owns them

We are proud to present a new website: Transparent Oil Namibia

This website provides an overview of Petroleum licences in Namibia and who owns them, including company information as well as a transaction history for any given licence. You can browse by company or by licence, or simply click on a licence block on the map to find out more.

A few years ago, there was a lot of excitement about the possibility of oil being found in Namibia. Attracted by the possibility of immense profits multinational companies and Namibian businesses scrambled to obtain exploration licences. However the process was tainted by suspicions of corruptions and allegations that Namibia’s resources were being sold out.

We wanted to present an accessible overview of Petroleum licences in Namibia. Who owns which licences? The information is in theory available to the public but spread across many different websites and physical offices. We compiled it all into a database, and our colleagues at the Engine Room generously built the technology and made the website.



9 Dec 2016