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Democracy Report

The National Assembly is Back!

Today, the National Assembly returns to work after its May break. During the month off, MPs went to the regions, and they will discuss reports from their visits soon.

More importantly, MPs will keep discussing laws. First off, there is unfinished business from the last period. The NA will continue debating the:

a) Whistleblower Protection Bill
b) Controlled Wildlife Products and Trade Amendment Bill
c) One-Stop Border Posts Control Bill
d) Local Authorities Amendment Bill, and
e) Regional Councils Amendment Bill

All of them are up for debate this afternoon, though there is a good chance there will not be enough time to get through them all. But it is almost certain that the Whistleblower Protection Bill will pass. We had some problems with the bill in the past. But we have heard that government will make some changes to improve it before it goes through — we will see tomorrow.

Three other bills are ready to go. The most interesting one is the Revenue Agency Bill, which will create a whole separate agency to collect taxes. Let’s see how that plays out. The NA is back in action until their next break in August.

6 June 2017