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2 November 2017 | by Dietrich Remmert

Gun use has gone up in Namibia, and stricter controls are necessary to stop them falling in the hands of criminals.

30 October 2017 | by

Namibia has slipped down competitiveness rankings once more, and SACU revenues are likely to decline.

20 October 2017 | by Max Weylandt

Terms, people, and processes involved are made clear in this explainer.

8 October 2017 | by

The index falls once more, to 43.82 points.

27 September 2017 | by Max Weylandt

Government needs to clarify who is governed by new guidelines, and increase transparency

26 September 2017 | by Klaus Schade

We look at quarterly trade statistics, and some good news from the labour force survey.

19 September 2017 | by Klaus Schade

Two presentations provide insight on Namibia’s economic trajectory

10 September 2017 | by

The IJG Business Climate Index is at its lowest level since 2003, and has indicated economic contraction the whole year

28 August 2017 | by Frederico Links and Graham Hopwood

The ACTION coalition, which includes IPPR, recently submitted these inputs on the draft broadband policy.

5 August 2017 | by Rowland Brown

The indicator remains at recession levels, despite some positive movements.

5 August 2017 | by Frederico Links

Government has begun implementing a new Procurement system. This paper looks at the international framework that gave to that system and provides an analysis.

30 July 2017 | by Klaus Schade

Discusses the IMF global growth forecasts, drivers of the local recession, and labour statistics