11 Oct 2019 | Democracy Report

During the week in review, the National Assembly covered a wide range of its duties, including ministerial statements, reports, bills, and motions. …

30 Aug 2019 | Democracy Report

The 5th Children’s Parliament convened at the National Assembly over the 19th to 23rd August 2019. The group comprised 91 learners from …

10 Jun 2019 | IPPR Blog

The emergence of independent candidates may be a trend that develops towards the holding of the regional council elections at the end …

3 Jun 2019 | Democracy Report

During the tabling of the 2019/20 Budget on 27 March 2019, Minister of Finance Calle Schlettwein pointed out that the budget made …

5 May 2019 | IPPR Blog

Digitalisation is transforming how media products are both created and accessed. Consumers can now exercise more control over their media use in …

9 Jul 2018 | IPPR Blog

Government criticism shows a misunderstanding of Afrobarometer.

24 May 2018 | IPPR Blog

Access to Information is increasingly becoming an important topic. Government has recognised that it is important for citizens to get information about …

12 Apr 2018 | IPPR Blog

Namibians’ opinions on gender, land, and history come to the forefront.

15 Feb 2018 | IPPR Blog

The IPPR ranked 35th on the list of Sub-Saharan think tanks this year.

8 Feb 2018 | IPPR Blog

Namibia moved up slightly in the new Open Budget Index. Read more here